Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Do white people love mayonnaise more than they love white supremacy?

Jessie says white people love mayonnaise. He gets this from me, because I love mayonnaise. However, my brother and sister both think mayonnaise is disgusting. My mom likes mayonnaise. We are all white. So, here is the poll to test Jessie's hypothesis.

Please note that you are to self-identify in this poll, so if you identify as white, you classify yourself as such, etc. Also, if you feel that the poll does not define you, you may hit "none of these" and explain in the comments. Feel free to explain your love or hate or indiffence towards mayonnaise in the comments as well.

If i get at least 2000 people to vote, then, i'll have an actual real sample size and will be able to draw some true conclusions (at least, that's what i learned in IB statistics because I had to study margins of error). I'm linking this to my myspace blog so that people can't vote three times if I put it on all three of my blogs. so, clicky to learn the truth about mayonnaise lovers.

Click to give your opinion on mayonnaise

Sunday, March 12, 2006

this is pointless

no, really, you all should just read and comment at my Myspace blog.

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once again, i actually frequently update my myspace, so just go there.

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Monday, March 06, 2006


dude, the headquarters for campus crusade for christ is like right by my house...ewwww.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

this post is going to be full of interesting links and other things i want to say. i suppose i'll do it in the bullet point fashion, but i forgot the html, so i have to go look it up real quick. in other words, all those somewhat intriuging things i've seen recently will be listed below for your perusal and enjoyment. word.

  • South Dakota women might as well die for fucking. See, the great thing is that the state legislature of South Dakota has passed a bill outlawing all abortions. "Lot's of states do this, what makes this different?" you ask. Well, this bill does not allow for an abortion on account of the health of the mother. Of course, there is no exception for incest and/or rape either. As Amanda rightly states, the crazy ass fundies (and even Specter and Lieberman who aren't as crazy, but still stupid bastards) view womyn as merely vessels to carry babies to term and if they die from giving birth, then the more fondly we can remember them as noble martyrs for the anti-choice movement.
  • So, that tiny clump of cells in your uterus are far more important than your health or life, and if you were raped and got pregnant from it, you will be forced to carry the child of your rapist for 9 months and then bring it into the world.

    Also, of course, if you find out that the fetus will not live outside the womb, or is already dead in the womb, you will be forced to give birth, even though the risk of dying is higher when you give birth as opposed to when you have an abortion. So, I'll probably post more about this issue in the future.

  • The Supreme Court granted cert on the "Partial-Birth" abortion ban that Congress passed in 2003. Now, what is interesting about this is that it ties to the other abortion issues above because the ban does not include the mother's health as a factor in terminating the pregnancy. Congress claims that it does not have to consider the health of the mother when writing abortion legislation. With the new, far more conservative court, it will be interesting to know the outcome of this.
  • When i was in DC in 2003, we went to visit the Senate, and this was the bill that was being debated at the time. Bill Frist was using a common fallacy, the appeal to emotion, to argue his point, by describing the precedure of a late term abortion. Additionally, Hillary Clinton (who I believe is a moderate sell-out, but still like to an extent), was makign the point that it is not the job of the congress to legislate womyn's health and that womyn's medical decisions should be made by themselves with the aid of their physician.

    The crazy truthiness that the so-called Partial-Birth Abortion is rarely perfomed, and when it is, it is almost always because the fetus is dead/will not live outside the womb, the mother's health or life is at stake, or some other extenuating circumstance. Womyn aren't just rushing to their doctors demanding late-term abortions, but whatever.

  • Dick Cheney shot a man in the face.
  • And finally, I had a grant presentation on Monday, and we ended up getting money, so I'm not a total failure! wooo!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

go do this

go pick the 5 or 6 words you most associate with me. It then compares your answers to mine and everyone else who does it. Then do your own and get me the link and i'll take yours.


Thursday, February 16, 2006

i'm not poetic

DISCLAIMER: emo post ahead.

An old friend of mine posted about not having an impartial and reasonable friend to drink tea and scream with/to. That's not all they posted about, but that sentence struck me particularly.

It reminded me of how I used to be that person (there's one thing i couldn't be impartial on, but yea). Also, I don't care for tea that much, but the tea house in Boulder had good tea, and I like raspberry iced tea. And, as most of you know, I'm good at expressing things loudly. Also, I think I'm generally a good listener, but only when no one is looking.

I hate feeling powerless to support and listen to someone I still care deeply about. Knowing how this person deals (or doesn't) with stress and emotion, and how very few people have gotten past that wall built rather high and thick. We all build those walls because of our experiences in being hurt, in being loved, in protecting the sacred things we keep deep in our souls. We don't share those things with everyone because the people you love them most are the ones who won't judge you or put expecations on you when they honestly know almost everything about you. At least, ideally they shouldn't.

It's so hard to contrast the elements of a friendship. On one hand, you can have honest conversations about things that hurt and feel better coming out of them, being able to let them cry and rub their head until they fall asleep. I always feel better about anything once I get some sleep and let my brain process. You can have fun doing crazy shit, making jokes about nerdy things that no one else finds funny, and laughing for hours on end. On the other hand, you can be selfish and wretched and possessive, and really hurt someone because they're more invested in your opinion and voice; always assuming that the good parts of friendship outweigh the bad, which they don't, necessarily. Are we all just fooled into the fact that friendships, love, romantic relationships are enduring? I don't know if that's true. At least, my experiences don't prove that's true.

This is the first time I've cried over this friendship in a good deal of months. But, for once, I'm not crying because I feel sorry for myself, but because I really hurt someone and now feel helpless and don't want them to sad, helpless and hurt by the things around them.

I don't want to hold you and feel so helpless...
I twist like a corkscrew
The sweetness rising
I drink from the bottle, weeping
Why won't you last?
Why can't you last
-rufus wainwright

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

obligatory music post

yes, i never post, sorry.

so, i've recently been listening a lot to rufus wainwright because there was a song during the credits of brokeback mountain, that was him, and i'd never heard it, and it made me want to listen to him all the time (and have his fabulously gay babies). it's called "the maker makes" and it's one of his more ballad-like songs. i think his ballads are his best, but he also has some really clever songs like "poses" and "california" and "gay messiah". Also, a song he hasn't released yet is "between my legs," which he said was a protest song. he sang it at the concert he co-headlined with ben folds. i love him.

i also stumbled upon a twista song called "hope" that's rather uplifting. i like it.

daniel told me to listen to rilo kiley because i was complaining about how emo is just white boys whining about how depressed they are. rilo kiley is fronted by a woman. they're pretty good.

speaking of emo, matt gave me a CD of Jack's Mannequin, which is emo, but it's good. However, I do like some emo, just not emo hipsters :-)

And, I think the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire soundtrack is way better than the previous three because it has a new composer.

I bought "Late Registration" (Kanye West) and there are some really good songs on it, and then a few that I don't care for. Overall, it's good, but I think "College Dropout" is better in terms of the number of songs I liked a lot. There's two really good songs that I recommend, one called "Heard 'em Say" which features the lead singer of Maroon 5 and "Crack Music" which features Common (i think). Also, the bonus track on the UK version is called "We can make it better" and it's good. There are other good songs on there too, but those ones stand out because of their political commentary.

I also like that "Beep" song by the Pussycat Dolls, which is ridiculous, but oh well.

Elsewhere in life, everything is going rather well. I took my mom roses and a vanilla latte for valentine's day and got a dog stuffed animal and lots of chocolate candy! wooo!

For as much as last year sucked, I think it sucked for a lot of other people too, and I'm just happy to not be in Boulder. However, I think I lucked out in terms of not having heavy amounts of stress and loss in my life right now. I just hope everyone else is coping with shit OK.

I wanna go up to Boulder and visit John and Lucas and Kevin because I miss them. I think a Watertower Reunion Tour might be in order *shudder*

Sunday, February 05, 2006

dogs are bad (but sooo cute!!!)

came home after being gone a little over 24 hours, and open the door my room to find about 10 old shoes, that were previously in the back of the closet, on my bed, in various states of chewed-up-ness. i confronted max with a shoe by holding it up and saying in a high pitched-dog-talking-voice, "Maxi! Did you do this?" Max then did his characteristic guilty move and tried to creep away backwards while keeping his head, and himself, as low to the ground as possible. I think Zero helped, though. Zero's a little better liar, however, and just looked at me with his cute puppy dog eyes. haha.

Today was nice. I have some new things in my life that i purchased at the mall, and some potentially other new things that I've been missing, but they will take time and patience; unlike my new pink crocs (isn't capitalism the perfect form of escapism???).


Sunday, January 29, 2006

Senator Salazar is wavering on whether or not to vote against cloture (the motion to force a vote on Alito). He has already stated he will vote against Alito, but voting for cloture is basically voting for Alito because there are enough votes to put him on the court. However, he has been getting a great response from people urging him to vote against the cloture motion. You can call up his office, email him on his web form, or fax him in a creative way, which will be explained below.

Salazar's webform is at (copy and paste)

His phone number in DC is: (202) 224-5852

And, if you access to a fax machine, or a kinkos and a little cash, we're faxing in pages of phone books or dictionaries, as this is a tactic that is often used to filibuster (most notably against the civil rights act of 1965, but that's a whole other issue). Or, if you're a West Wing nut, you can fax in pages from recipe books, or charles dicken's novels. One page will be fine. You should include on it that it is material to help Salazar filibuster. It's not too annoying and it's rather creative. Also, you can strategically choose which pages to send in (like the phonebook listings for salazar, or dictionary page with the definition of integrity higlighted). I'm personally going to fax in the last page of the chapter "Lighting Struck Tower" from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. hehe.

The fax number is (202) 228-5036.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

it's bad news, baby, i'm bad news

ever since i left CU, where many people dislike me and call me a bitch and whatever, the traffic to this blog has gone down considerably. also, the fact i removed it from google is probably a factor. it's good to know that it was the people who didn't like me who were finding entertainment here. anyway, i update my myspace blog way more often, so if the three of you who still read this head over there, then everything will work out and maybe i can give this one up.


Monday, January 23, 2006

West Virginians are the true brokeback mountaineers

Sunday, January 22, 2006

i posted this on myspace, too

so, i post over at myspace, if anyone cares, but i'm not gonna give you my screenname, so you'll have to do a search.

so, i've decided i'm going to crochet myself some arm warmers. my friend carolyn had some her friend made for her, and mine certainly won't be as cool, but i'm over it.

I want you all to know that Barack Obama is still cool and that Senator Salazar is voting against Alito! woo!

David Glisch-Sanchez has my book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I miss it!!! I also miss him, and even talking to him, since he never calls anymore. Also, this is an official admonishment. Did you know admonish means: to express warning or disapproval to especially in a gentle, earnest, or solicitous manner? Well, that's what I'm doing. I think I'll try to admonish more often, and freak out at people less.

Finally, it's 1am and I turned it to PBS (because there's nothing else on on Saturday night and we don't have cable) and they're showing this movie of the Grateful Dead in concert, which includes obviously ridiculous drugged-up people, people getting high in some bathroom, and crazy hippies. I think it's hilarious that the hippies of the 70s look *exactly* the same as the hippies at Boulder. Actually, I would say they look better. PBS is the shit, and they're doing their annual pledge drive right now and if I made enough money, I would give them some just because they show people getting high. Actually, they have these really good late night programs that are all radical and shit, but they're from the 80s, except for the new documentaries on the Chicano movement in Colorado, which included an aquaintences grandpa, among other things. woo for PBS.

Do people know I really used to listen to crazy hippie music and heavy metal? Well, those of you who didn't go to high school with me. I still do, but I've diversified.

Also, tomorrow, I will bea acting as butch as possible and rooting for the Broncos, who are playing the Steelers and whoever wins gets to go to the Super Bowl. I love me some broncos.

Also, it's official, Kevin McMillon has no life...Also, I should comment on his blog more often. word.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

student loans suck

all throughout my college, i advocated that education should be a right, not a privelege for those who could afford it. while i understood what this meant in the theoretical sense, it didn't hit me that i would have to pay off $28,000 of my personal student loans six months after i left. and indeed, that time has now come.

if i wasn't living back at home, i wouldn't be able to afford rent, food, etc and student loans. of course, being that i am white and grew up middle class, i would probably never give up the privelege as defining myself as middle class, but shit, i'm really not. in fact, with all the fucking debt school puts middle class students and their parents into, i'm surprised so many people still identify as middle class. my family certainly isn't saving any money, or any of that shit which is associated w/ being middle class except for the fact we own a home. we really do live from paycheck to paycheck. my mother has her masters, but works for a non-rofit and doesn't make enough money. how do people even deifne middle class anyway? isn't it if you're educated and own a home? what if you're a single mom, or what if you have a fuckload of debt?

this makes me wonder why i would still identify as middle class. i think it probably has to do with the racist notion that the only poor people in this country are people of color who leech off the government and have like 12 kids so they get more welfare (of course, this is a myth, but who cares in the day and age of everyone lying). as a white person who lives in colorado springs, i can't not be financially well off, even if i have no money to save or invest...hmmm...something to think about.

i'm really good at neglecting class shit because i don't have to think about it. boo to me.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

season two of the west wing better get here soon, or i will cry from lack of intelligent politics.

by the way, i think al gore is right...hehe!

Saturday, January 14, 2006


My rant on Arlen "ballsack" specter and abortion rights and whatever else

Disclaimer: That shit is angry and it's not for those who are gonna argue with me or call me a crazy bitch cunt whore whatever. SO, that's your warning.

Friday, January 13, 2006

If I had money...

I'd buy way too much Harry Potter merchandise and live in my own little wizarding world (well, that's not entirely true, but you get it)

I'd pay off all my friends student loans and/or pay for their college.

I'd pay someone to convince the president to appoint a bleeding-heart liberal to the supreme court.

I'd hire someone to clean my house (but pay them a living wage or more and make them dinner occasionally)

I'd buy every season of the west wing (just finished season 1!!! season 2 is on the way).

Yeah, whatever.

Monday, January 09, 2006

another harry potter and US politics coincidence?

It seems Dick Cheney has found one of the remaining horcruxes.

(for explanation of Harry Potter theme, see previous post)

Dude, someone needs to stop this...really.


so, i am going to stay up all night, and I don't want to...Fuck that!

But, besides that, I'd like to point out a very nerdy Harry Potter revelation (which will include the spoiler of who dies, and who kills them, in book 6).

So, today, the 9th of January, 2006, the confirmation hearings of Mr. Samuel L. Alito begins in the Senate.

On the 9th of January, 1959 or 1960, one Severus Snape, until recently a professor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was born.

The reason I feel these dates are not coincidental is because of this:

Albus Dumbledore, who was recently killed, was considered by Voldemort (the Dark Lord) as "that champion of commoners, of Mudbloods and Muggles," meaning that Dumbledore beleived in rights for all people, not just purebloods.

The man who killed Dumbledore, is Severus Snape, who was birthed on January 9th.

And, in fact, today may be the death of rights for all people, not just rich, white, straight, able-bodied, biological men.

So, please go on with your non-nerd endeavours.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

i'm to drunk to type. fuck that.

kevin mcmillon is the shiat

your mom

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

ah, yes!

now, there is a new years resolution generator, so here's mine.


In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Getting myself admitted to a mental institution.

Get your resolution here

Sunday, January 01, 2006


i'll post more later...there is a lot of stupid random shit to post, but for now, i need to do some work and play some video games, damnit.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Can I have a title without the F word in it?

Indeed, I can.

Um, I don't have shit to say, but felt the need to update for my adoring public.

JK Rowling has confirmed that the Sorting Hat is not a Horcrux (which is good because I thought that would be stupid), Aunt Petunia will not develop magical powers (which, and that Lupin will not die by way of Peter Pettigrew's hand (ala the notion that a werewolf can only be killed by a silver bullet.

So, you big fucking nerds can either rejoice or be disappointed, or whatever.

Uh, I like video games...that is. all. and i got mean girls for christmas! woo! and money and things~

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

no, really, this shit is ridiculous

ah ha ha ha ha. i can't even be angry at how ridiculous all bush's bullshit is (please, tap my phone line, mr. bush, but you prolly already have).

so, as we all know, bush used the NSA to spy on americans because he thinks he's above the law and thinks he can jusify anything because of the threat of terrorism. he's a fucking asshole and should be removed with all his stupid cronies.

but, now, we see that the pentagon is not just classifying people who happen to be american and muslim as terroists (which is fucked up on so many levels), but college students who hold kiss-ins to protest the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy and military recruitment on their campus. oh do, click here to read the whole thing and get irate.

what the fuck? this fucking administration is crazy! crazy!!!!! in fact, i bet that means my friends at UC-santa cruz (one of the supposed terrorist campuses). they'd be just the type to go be in a kiss-in, mainly to make out with people, though...hehe.

on a serious note, though, this is ridiculous. Just because one doesn't agree with the policies of the government or pentagon does not mean they are a terrorist or in a terrorist organization. in fact, i feel like the government has more tabs on non-terrorists than real terrorist orgs in this country like the white-supremacist movement and others. fucking goddamnit. (start sarcasm)omfg! i'm gonna kiss another girl in a large public space to protest fucked up policies...i'm a fucking threat to the security of everyone in the US!!(end sarcasm)

eat a bag of dicks, mr. president (but don't do it in public, you might be classified as a terrorist)

Monday, December 19, 2005

god fucking damnit

so, my mac won't turn on. last night, i turned it on, went upstairs (because it's old and taeks a while) and it was off when i came back down. now it won't fucking turn on.

i'm pissed and sad. and i don't think it's the internal battery running out ('cause it's been sitting on my desk).

so, if anyone wants to tell me how to fix it, or wants to help me figure it out, or wants to fix it for free :-) then let me know.

fucking bastard. i guess i could always take it into this place that does really good mac work down the street. hrmm.

Friday, December 16, 2005

day off, sister shopping, crocheting, happy, denver, et. al.

So, I said I was gonna respond to Geoffrey's post, but it's holiday time and I am happy and can't quite channel the rage I need to repsond adequately.

Onto other things...Tomorrow I don't have to go into work because I worked a lot this week. That makes me happy because my sister is home as of tonight, my brother has a half-day, and we can go shop for mom's christmas presents. I also got paid today, which means I'll probably buy myself some christmas presents (bad idea). Yay for the fothy vava being home!

I like crocheting and am getting better at it. woot.

Last night I had to go up to Denver to accept a grant for work. I was all nervous because I wasn't gonna know anyone, but then I saw Dara from CU, who i love and miss, so everything was good and we met up with Carolyn G at Paris on the PLatte and had some delicious things. Dara departed and Carolyn and I went and had really delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and many drinks at this bar by Paris. Carolyn is cool and I miss people at CU a lot. Dara is working at 9 to 5 in Denver, Jeannette is working as an organizer for SEIU, I'm working at a queer youth org, Jessie is working for a queer Latino org. Think of the fun coaltions we could build around the FUCKED UP ballot initiatives coming in November. Or maybe, we could just fuck shit up generally. However, going back up to an organizing space in Denver made me miss it so much. I don't miss the work so much as I miss the people and relationships and fun times. I never realized that before, but now it makes more sense.

I'm in a good mood and going to croceht some more and then I have to find some palce to sleep because my bed is full of stuff from when I moved down from Boudler and all our couches have laundry and christmas stuff on them. boo! :-(

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

omg, i want the dude wearing these

dayam, ima buy someone some ipod underwear now...hehehe. clicky

so, i just got really, really pissed reading geoffrey's latest blog post. i'm not going to link it right now because i'm going to write a scathing (i think it will be) response. his link is on the right, though, if you want to check it out.

like i've said before, white men in my life are so in denial about their privelege, it's ridiculous. you know, scratch that, it seems to be white gay men, but that's a whole other 39-page book in itself. DGS and I were discussing this tonight. booo!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Wooty woo!q

uh, DGS liked Goblet of Fire, too. So, now I'm not alone in being a Harry Potter nerd who liked it. In fact, I know many other people who liked it, but whatever. I'm not alone!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

San Andreas

so, some of you may know I have GTA: San Andreas. A few months ago, though, I stopped playing because i couldn't get through this one goddamn mission, which was the mission to get your pilots license (you have to fly). I couldn't make the plane circle and land it, so I just quit. Well, today, I finally did it, but now I'm stuck on this fucking helicopter mission where i have to blow up three stationary trucks and two moving cars. this shit is pissing me off. obviously, i suck at flying, but i have to be able to do it in order to continue. fuck that.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dogs are the greatest

So, lately, I've been feeling immense love for dogs. I dunno if it's just because mine are so cute, or what.

Anyway, Max and Zero are my dogs and they love each other and cuddle each other and play games with each other. It's so cute.

Schulzki is back teaching at Palmer, but he's no longer the head of the Social Studies department. Talking points and mass letter to come soon (when I'm not tired).

Also, if you're in Colorado Springs, Westborough Baptist Church is coming to picket Palmer AGAIN this Friday. If you're not familiar with Fred Phelps or his church, feel free to check out or

I am gonna be out there with a clever sign.

Some ideas are:
Queers blew up the shuttle (a classic and personal favorite)
A variation of that would be "Queers are killing our soldiers"
You're a fucking idiot, go home
I witnessed Fred Phelps enojying Tom Kelly's small cock up his tight, puckered, asshole.

Monday, December 05, 2005


yeah, i have nothing to post about really.

i've taught myself to crochet a bit better. i think i might take a class.

tomorrow, we should know more about the palmer/GSA/Schulzki situation, so I'll keep ya updated.

Godspeed (I always wanted to say that)!

Friday, December 02, 2005

a mostly re-post

so, here's some of the small things that have come together lately.

this is a bulletin i just sent to people.

feel free to read and pass on (it's a repeat). feel free to email me your email if you want to do some letter/email writing and be updated.


go read this article:

and then let me know if you would be willing to add your name to a unified letter of alumni. Jared Seehafer, myself, and a few others are going to draft it and send it to the papers and the school board, superintendent and principal. We're gonna let you see it once it's written, in case you decide you don't want your name on it...but it should be pretty well-reasoned.

Also, if you have the time to send some letters or emails (i'm going to be writring up talking points so it'll be easy to compose and send off), let me know your email addy.

You probably have access to folks I don't who would want to participate as well, so feel free to inform them and have them contact me, or whatever.

I'm kinda trying to coordinate some sort of unified effort so that folks aren't having to put in a ton of effort to duplicate stuff folks are already doing, which is why I tell people to just contact me. But, if you want to keep people updated, that's fine by me. But, if people want to put their name on the massive letter, then i or jared would need to know.

AIM: pearly8067
email:reinsch at gmail dot com