Thursday, August 18, 2005

the gay messiah came to denver on tuesday night

so much to say for this post...woo!

On Tuesday night, my sister and I attended the Odd Men Out Tour with co-headliners Rufus Wainwright and Ben Folds (we purposely missed the opener, Ben Lee, because I listened to one of his songs and I thought it sucked). When we got there, I saw Scott, Lucas, Tirzah and Carrie and we chilled with them the whole time and had many an overpriced drink (the first bought by Lucas, so I must give a shoutout). Apparently, Mark was there and said hi to me, but I looked right past him, which sucks because I haven't seen him for a couple-few years. Not cool thing about the show: It was ALL white people. We could have had a goddamn KKK convention. And, since it was overrun with white gay men, it might have been possible to actually have the KKK convention after the show.

My sister, who digs both Rufus and Ben, but not as extensively as I, seemed to have a good time and she was all excited that Rufus made a reference to a musical. He said he was "Johnny Long Note," in reference to the altitude, which is a reference to the song "Johnny One Note ( Lyrics by
Lorenz Hart, music by Richard Rodgers)," from the musical Babes in Arms. The fact I actually Googled that makes me a bigger dork than my sister, but now she can be satisfied since she couldn't think of what musical the song was from. At the concert,I made some comment about her not being 21 and then realized she was, so that was to make up for my mistake.

Back to the concert: First to go on was Rufus. He was wearing cute jeans, a scarf as a belt, a ivory blouse-type shirt and a fabulous diamond brooch. His set was amazing and he made some catty comments. Apparently, he's been really into writing country music lately because he said it was his mission to "save country from country," which was cute. He played two "country" songs. He also said the altitude was going to make him pass out at which point we could all take advantage of him on-by-one. And, he talked about how "Gay Messiah" was his protest song and people should stand in solidarity with their gay brothers and sisters, especially under the Bush administration. And before he sang "Poses" he said that he had written it about someone else, but realized it was about him. I love me some Rufus. Although, I think his Colorado Springs show was better (maybe due to lack of some stupid ass Ben Folds fans?). Also, I got a hot pink shirt that on the front says "You Better Pray for your Sins" and on the back "Cause the Gay Messiah is coming." (link) I was tempted to buy two because i know a certain boy who would probably dig that, but then realized that would be stupid.

Rufus's set list was something like this:
Maker Makes
Art Teacher
Rebel Prince
The One You Love
Between My Legs (a new favorite!)
Memphis Skyline
Beautiful Child
Gay Messiah
Foolish Love (encore)

Then Mr. Ben Folds came on and rocked the hell out of the Fillmore. He didn't really talk as much as I would have hoped, but I suppose that meshes with his new album too. Maybe he's just not as catty anymore? It made me happy to have to pay for one ticket and get two of my favorite artists at the same time. Also, I love the audience participation Ben incorporates into his shows because it's cool.

Ben's set list was:
Zak & Sara
All You Can Eat
Still Fighting It
You to Thank
Careless Whisper (w/ Rufus)
Bitches A'int Shit (a Dr. Dre cover, in case you're wondering)
Rockin the Suburbs
Not the same
One Angry Dwarf (encore)
Thank you Denver (encore)

Best part of the concert? Ben and Rufus doing a duet of "Careless Whisper" by George Michael. If none of you know the song, that's OK, you would know it if you heard it. Here's some context in the form of lyrics:

Should've known better than to cheat a friend
and waste this chance that I've been given
so I'm never gonna dance again
the way I danced with you

Never without your love

Tonight the music seems so loud
I wish that we could lose this crowd
Maybe it's better this way
We'd hurt each other with the things we'd want to say

My brother starts school tomorrow and he's going into the SAIL program, which I was in, which is for those damn smarty-pants kids. He had to make a "dream board", which is a thing he puts his goals for the future on. In grassroots organizing style, he did short, intermediate, and long term goals. It's a little ridiculous. Of course, he waited until the last minute to do it because that's what we do in my family, damnit. So, I'm had to sit here and put finishing touches on it and cover it in that clear shit you put on counters. I think he's scared to go. Erica and I made him put a photoshopped Kerry-Edwards 2008 sign on there. He didn't want to because, in his 4th grade class, only him and his friend Clive voted for Kerry. After Bush "won" the election, Clive sold my brother out and told everyone that he voted for Bush so that he would be cool. The moral of the story? Peer pressure is bullshit. My brother held his own however...woo.

I leave for Nebraska tomorrow afternoon for a cousin's wedding on my dad's side. My mother was invited, and she's going. However, this will be the first time many of my dad's side of the family has seen my mom since they got divorced. I just hope no one gets drunk enough to go crazy. Although, that is my goal since my family is a bunch of drunks (now you know where I get it from).

I went with my mom to Wal*Mart tonight to get stuff for the trip, etc. and I bought two t-shirts, one is a pink Pink Floyd shirt with the Dark Side of the Moon logo, but it's cool because it's emboridered. I also got a Kelly green shirt that, in 70's-ish lettering, says "Flippin' Sweet" ala Napoleon Dynamite (which is a little played out, but oh well).

Actually, looking at my recent aquisition of t-shirts (Pink Floyd, Rufus, and the color green), I think I'm channelling some sort of freakishly tall, green-eyed energies. Whatev.

This post has been long, but it will make up for not being here and being in Nebraska. I made sure I'm brining my newly acquired Wisconsin sweatpants, since my family is all Huskers fans.


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