Saturday, August 13, 2005

"Life is the Longest Death in California"

I miss Daniel a lot lot. It's hard for me to have had such a wonderful time at Congress without him. But, I know it would have been 400 times better if he was there, so I don't feel too bad as long as I tell him that...hehe. No one will ever replace the canary, no matter how hard they attempt to (yeah, you *know* who you are). I want to go visit San Diego, but I'm poor and my SUV would probably flip over on the way. Also, I need new music because some of my shit is played out and I don't know if I could handle my collection for more than 10 hours. I do really want to go sit on the cliffs of La Jolla and watch the sunset while pondering how many more years until an earthquake causes the beach to plummet into the ocean, or a great wave caused by global warming covers the great state of California. I finally looked up Rufus' lyrics to his song "California" and decided he wrote it when he was on meth and that he's much more pop culture saavy than I am, or all his name references were a result of meht use and don't mean anything. All I know is he's singin' about Bea Arthur, which is enough to put you at the top of my favorite artists list, damnit.

I really like that "These Words" song. It's cute and catchy. Also, for some reason, I like that Mariah Carey song, which makes me want to puke on myself for a number of reasons:
  • The movie "Glitter"
  • That person who really loved Mariah and sucks (but, they could never sing like her anyway)
  • Mariah's "MTV Cribs" episode
  • Mariah's rainbow half-shirt she wore in one of her videos
My doggie, Zero (the little black one), likes to lay in the bathtub and growl at my sister. He's wierd, but it's OK, because he's cute. My brother taught both of them to sit, which they have never done before. It's fabulous.

I went to Elitch's today and it was fun, especially wondering how the hell people dress themselves like they do in the morning and walk out of the house. This one woman was in this tight leather dress that was maroon, at least 7-INCH! black vinyl knee-high boots, and it prolly took her 4 hours to do her makeup. I mean, I know roller coasters are fun and all, but did you really need to bust out the vinyl boots? The Half-pipe ride is the shit and we got to ride it twice because of a technical difficulty. My brother won me a Grover doll, which is cute! I miss Denver (but I'll be there with Rufus and Ben Folds on Tuesday!).

I have gotten no sleep, so Ima go to bed now. I would comment extensively on politics right now, but it makes my head hurt since it's 2:24am. So, maybe look forward to an uber political post in the coming days??? I'll be taking suggestions for topics of discussion in the comments. We could have the first ever pinklaura political forum :-)

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