Sunday, August 28, 2005


Stupid Zero sat there and looked up at me for an hour, so I took a picture. too bad he's so so so so cute. dogs, geez.

uh, i don't have much else to say, so ima go to bed.

Nerd update: I just watched the international teaser trailer for Goblet of Fire and I must say that it looks really good and I like the music. Also, the Death Eaters look like the KKK and in an interview with Rowling she mentioned that Dumbledore's defeat of the wizard in 1945 is notable because of it's association with Nazi, Germany.

I was also thinking about how she addresses subtle "racism" in the book in terms of the way Slughorn talks about non-pureblood wizards and how it's amazing that they're not pureblood if they have good skills in magic. That was random, but yeah. Too bad she uses "black" as a descriptor for the non-white students even though she doesn't do it for the white students at Hogwarts.


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