Monday, August 29, 2005

the tangled intraweb we weave

dudes! so, i was looking through a HUGE stack of old pictures i had in a box and came across a bunch. however, i came across one of myself and my friend drew from freshman year of college. as such, i was curious as to what he has been up to because the last time i saw him, he played me a song from the group him and our friend randy had created, and then went clubbing (actually, there were a few other things we did, but they're too ridiculous to post). so, i looked him up on the intraweb and found the website for him and randy and adria's music group called the "Animated Coochie Wonders." First, the site is pink, which means I love it. Secondly, there are some ridiculous pictures of them and it made me happy. But I suggest you all go take a look because their "mascot" is a roughly-drawn vagina with eyes. It's amazing. Oh, and the music is full of sexual innuendo.

So, I emailed Drew and hopefully he will come party with me this week. He lived across the hall from Mike and Randal in their dorm, which now seems so long ago, but my relationship with him was ridiculous and fun and we were a bit crazy. It's OK, though.

Apparently, New Orleans is going to turn into a large bowl of imminent death. That sucks.

OK, I need to sleep since I have a lot of things to do tomorrow.


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