Friday, September 23, 2005

Bombing Against TABOR

I got this idea from the Bombing for Choice thing on the right and am now adding a second one called Bombing Against TABOR. The reason for this is that I support Colorado referenda C and D on the November 2005 ballot and oppose Colorado's Taxpayer Bill of Rights for about 7 million reasons, but when I couldn't remember the website address, I went to google and the Vote Yes on C and D website wasn't even on the first page when I typed in "vote yes on c and d" or any other variation including "colorado". As such, I thought, why not try to get the page at the top of the google list so that people aren't bombarded with a bunch of organizations who support the measure, but will have all those to look at once they get to the main page in support. So, if you don't need any explanation on why to support C and D, then copy the following html on your website. You can put it in your post itself, or you can put it in your links list, or you can throw it in both! Also, once the bluebook for the election comes out, I will add that as a more "objective" link.

<p>I support Colorado Referenda C&D </p>
<li><a href="" title="Vote Yes on Colorado Referenda C and D">Vote Yes on C & D </a></li>
<p>You can too. Join me in <a href=""> Bombing Against TABOR</a>.</p>

for just a post:

<a href="" title="Vote Yes on Colorado Referenda C and D">Vote Yes on C & D</a>

Also, if you would let me know you added it to your site by commenting and you can send a link back to my site if you don't want to explain the whole thing yourself. Although linking to would probably be more effective.

Then, if it's not already, Add your site to google

Alright, if you don't know what C and D are, or aren't sure how you feel about them, this is where I'll offer a little explanation to go with supporting said referenda.

Referenda C and D are temporary fixes to the huge cuts that the state of Colorado had to enact because of the ratchet effect of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights due to economic recession that began the end of 2001. As such, billions of dollars was cut from the Colorado budget in all non-mandatory areas (except for corrections, which is a whole other issue in itself). Hence, road maintenance and construction, public safety like police and fire departments, public building construction, state health care, and state higher education were the largest sections of the budget that were hit by the combination of TABOR, a budget recession, and voters having incompatible values. My personal focus is on higher education because I know most about it, but if you have questions about the other places where colorado institutions were fucked, I can find out for you.

So, with the budget recession and TABOR, funding for higher education was cut dramatically. The short story is, this means higher tuition and within 5 more years, there will be zero state funding for higher ed. As such, the burden of tuition will be on students, and in-state education at premiere institutions (like CU) will be as much as private education. This, combined with the bad idea of the College Opportunity Fund, means that low-income students and students of color are being tracked into community and technical colleges and not given euqal access to education. This is having the same polarizing effect that segregation and class status once had for underrepresented students trying to pursue higher education.

Of course, my using higher education as an example won't convince many people who will say "well, why should i have to pay for anything?" While this question could get me into a larger argument on taxes and whatnot, I'll just say that the better educated your population is, the better economic opportunity your state is able to have. Additionally, for every 1 dollar put into the CU system (as of 2004), CU put almost $15 back into the economy (from a study done by the Bell Center on Public Policy). Not only does this prove that higher education in Colorado is actually a very very smart investment, it goes against the idea that we're wasting money on higher education. Without our state colleges and universities, the economy would be in even worse shape than it is now, which actually is saying something.

I'll post more later, since I have to take my brother to sell boyscout popcorn. If any of you want popcorn, let me know!


At 1:21 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

I did your dirty work, however I believe this is just a ploy to promote your blog... or something like that!

At 4:27 PM, Blogger Pinky said...

yes, because we all know i'm so interesting that i merely think the world has not been exposed to my greatness yet...muhahahahahahah


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