Friday, September 02, 2005

i just made a snowball, and i'm in hell

so, you know that something's wrong when Fox News reporters are talking about the lack of government aid in New Orleans and getting pissed about it. For a classy little video clip, go here and download. I love it, one fuckhead is like "let's put this into perpective" and Skip or whatever his name is is like "This is perspective" and Geraldo cusses a few times and cries. whoa.

Also, Kanye West was on the hurricane relief thing and called out what was going on. That link is there too, if you care.


At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not about race, it's about class, and NO happens to be filled with poor folks who happen to be black.

And Kanye really needs to study and become fluent in english. Notice that they didn't cut away from him when he said that the military had been authorized to shoot black people (not poor people, black people) ... why? Because they probably couldn't understand what the fuck he had just said!

What a douche. Here's a vidcap, decide for yourself.

At 5:43 PM, Blogger Pinky said...

first of all, it's about race AND class (and age and ability) and to narrow everything down to class is not only not looking at the whole situation, but inherently denying that race exists in this country, which is naive. maybe the city is filled with black people who happen to be poor?

and, in the video he says "shoot us" not shoot black people, which is neither here nor there, but you should at least get your facts right. also, i could understand what he said, and for you to say he's illiterate (when, obviously, he's upset and not reading off a script) is fucking racist, so please check yourself. thank you.

also, my post wasn't about the fucking video of kanye west. it was a video from fox news, which is the most bush-loving news station on the planet and even their anchors are fucking pissed about the lack of aid going to new orleans.

so, whatever you think about kanye west, i could give a shit, but no one has yet to adequately answer why there is so little aid, so late in new orleans because there was a lot more this government (and i mean the president, DHS, FEMA, senate and house, etc) could have done to get there faster, but didn't. I just want to know why.

At 11:04 AM, Anonymous matt said...

race is a social classification, there's no truth to the idea of race, it sadly exists, but when Middle Eastern people are lumped into the caucasian race, one has to wonder if we shouldn't classify by ethnicity.

Randal, if this had happened in Highlands Ranch, you can bet that there would have been quicker response and less dead.


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