Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Being usually bored with myself, I settled down for some television tonight. My family does not have cable, so I can choose between 5 english-language stations and two spanish-language stations. However, nothing decent seemed to be on, and then I decided to check out PBS. and OMFG!!!

So, I watched this show called History Detectives where they take artifacts people have and go research them to see if they have the historical significance that the people who bought or acquired the items were told they have. It's actually a really cool glimpse into the different ways you can approach a history of something, as well as the fact you learn a lot of shit only PBS can provide about different, random eras of history.

Then, after this, there was The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo, which the announcer dude pronounced "Kay-loh", but then when the actual documentary came on, people weren't pronouncing shit incorrectly. It was really really really good and it made me happy. They also had an advertisment for the Scorcese-dorected documentary on Bob Dylan, which should be sweet and it out on the 26th or something.

I've decided PBS is the shit...If you're a nerd like me.


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