Monday, September 12, 2005

my side hurts

i took to the task of cleaning up the house today. of course, since i am back at home, it means i end up picking up pieces of things the dogs have chewed up, dirty clothes, and more pieces of things the dogs have chewed up since the things i just picked up. i also decided to do dishes and clean the kitchen/clean out the fridge. i found ice cream in the freezer that i got for my 17th birthday from my friend michael. no, really, i'm not exaggerating. that ice cream has been in there for 6+ years. so, if that gives you any indication of the other wonderful things i found in the fridge, then i think you know that i almost threw up in the refridgerator. plus, as i was throwing all the old, nasty, moldy food into trash bags, my dogs were trying to eat it.

i'm applying for a job here in colorado springs that is part-time and i have no idea how much it pays and it's being an administrative assistant. i'll leave it at that for now (because, you know employers type your name into google and check you out before they interview you). the only thing i have no experience in is quickbooks, or whatever, but i can pick shit like that up easily. so, we'll see. plus, i'm super cool.

did i mention i didn't get the jobs i applied for in wisconsin? yeah, that sucks, eh? but i can always try again once the people burn out (as seems to happen more often than not).

in other news, my friend has floor tickets to see the rolling stones in november in san diego. he wants me to go out there and go with him (and, of course, hang out with him). i think i'll do it because i miss him and i really would love to see the rolling stones for free (and my mom will probably support this trip because she would kill to see them...maybe i should send my mom instead). however, the concert might be on election day (or around then) and since i hate flying, i would want to drive, but really, i should just fly. whatever.

that's all for now.


At 10:52 AM, Anonymous Matt said...

I think i remember that ice cream.

Sorry you didn't get the job :-/


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