Wednesday, September 28, 2005

the tarot is creepy

Ha ha. So, I sometimes like to take things on my mind to, which has all sorts of tarot reading shit and other divination things.

I'm thinking I should ask it about my suspicions about Snape...hehe. Of course, the great thing about Tarot is that you can generally take it to fit whatever situation you asked it about. but here's my reading, which is kinda creepy. It's the relationship one, which means it deals with you and the subject of your inquiry. The first two are probably the least accurate, but still somewhat true. The third and fourth are probably the most ridiculously accurate. The fifth and sixth talk about how the person sees me, so who knows if that is right. And the last one is also fucking ridiculously accurate, but only because those are all the things lacking. Weird how that shit works out.

how you see yourself (ruin): Crushing defeat brought about by idle intellectualism divorced from reality. Sadness and desolation in the aftermath of a catastrophic and total collapse. A decisive conclusion brought about through the swift and merciless application of overwhelming force.

how you see your partner(Futility): A desperate attempt to resolve a matter without conflict. The use of cleverness or outright deception to turn the tide.

how you feel about your partner(Power), when reversed: Using your power freely for your own enjoyment and the betterment of others. Coming to grips with progress and using your position to help it along. Finding security and identity someplace other than in the possession of material things. Letting go and encouraging others to find their own path. Being magnanimous and generous with your success.

what stands between you and your partner (Prudence), when reversed: Undue attention to small details at the expense of the big picture. Losing yourself in your work, to the detriment of your personal and spiritual life. Making the same mistake repeatedly. Refusing to learn new crafts or skills.

how your partner sees you: The seed of luxury, debauchery, and physical gratification. The seductions of the material world draw you away from an opportunity for stability and comfort. The need to focus on the practical and understand the dynamics of your environment. May represent a gift, document, inheritance, or physical event.

what your partner feels about you (Truce), when reversed: Restlessness and mental disharmony. Deserting a struggle in progress. A temporary retreat from stress that turns into a permanent rout. A lack of vigilance that could lead to disaster.

the present status or challenge of the relationship (Virtue): Personal fortitude and strength of character. Accumulated power set in motion towards a distant goal. The initiation of an enduring partnership based on absolute trust. Honor maintained in a time of desperate struggle. Taking full responsibility for a decision, and bearing the solitude of leadership.


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