Thursday, September 29, 2005

White man vote vs. white man vote

ickle johnny roberts is now the chief justice of the united states of america. the vote was (drum roll), i assume this is because one crazy motherfucker is replacing another crazy motherfucker, so really, the balance of the court remains intact. since senator salazar voted in favor of the crazy motherfucker, i've decided to send him a letter telling him how clever he is to vote for roberts so that he can challenge o'connor's replacement. because, if salazar ends up being a republican with a D next to his name, I will scream. right now i'm thanking god that o'connor agreed to stay on until her replacement was chosen. i hear that bush wants to put a "minority" on the court, because, you know, then he can call all the democrats racist for voting against them. of course, i will gladly recommend michelle malkin because she is in favor of internment of muslims. i think that would be the cherry on top of bushes quickly melting ice cream sunday.

more democrats voted against john bolton than john roberts.

GIS for john roberts:

see! the chief justice is actually a man in a beard and an apron! someone call up the new york times. today is a sad day for american :-(

Also, I recommend Senator Obama's (D-Ill.) podcast. He kinda has a sexy voice, even though I think he sits to close to the microphone because he's really loud. He was one of the 22 today, and for that, I love him.


At 1:14 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

By minority Bush means our beloved minority Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales. Then again given Bush's nack for apointing people that have no idea what they are doing so he might go with americas best (or worst) dressed diplomat Condi Rice.
Yay Bush loves minorities, probably only because he is now colour blind from all the coke he did.


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