Thursday, October 06, 2005

oh, the propoganda

i have the hiccups, which i haven't had for a long time. i don't enjoy it.

so, i was watching friends tonight and saw the new commercial against colorado referenda C and D. Apparently, the "tax increase" is the same amount that this young white girls parents need to send her to a year of college. so, i pulled out my handy bluebook and took a look at how much it costs them to send their daughter to school for a year (assuming they are of average income). Apparently, she goes to a university that costs $71 a year. can someone sign me up to go there? because in these times i don't know any college that is that cheap. but hey, these people who won't divulge where they're getting their funding surely aren't misleading the people? never!

of course, the truth is, if you're a middle income family who plans to send your child to college in colorado, voting yes on c and d is actually a good idea and investment. over five years, you will not get back $491...however, it has been cited that if C and D don't pass, tuition at CU will go up 42 or 48 percent, which is WAAAAAAY more than $491. So really, if you wanted to better afford college tuition, you would vote yes.

Of course, I'm hoping that the pro C and D people attack this too. By the way, C and D is not a tax increase, in case you think it is.'ve been informed for the day.


At 10:37 PM, Blogger Jared Seehafer said...

"It has been cited that if C and D do not pass...."

Yeah, it's been cited by Owens & co, who really want C and D to pass and will use any type of scare tactics to get it. The truth is we have no guarantee about how much money from C will go to higher ed, so the claims about the massive increase in tuition in its absence stink of the same type of scare tactics you're decrying.

(Yes, I know tuition will probably go up w/o C, I'm just saying that ~40% is a ridiculous figure)


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