Friday, October 21, 2005

Thank the One and Only (Alpha AND Omega) GOD for Wayne Allard

Wayne Allard has reintroduced the consitutional amendment to ban gay marriage

Thank god Wayne Allard isn't concerned with such petty issues as torture (he voted against McCain's amendment that passed 90-9), or the shit that went down in the Gulf Coast, or the fact that we're wasting billions of dollars in Iraq while neglecting domestic issues (well, except for this one).

Instead, he wants to stop teh ghey from getting married because it ruins traditional marriage. Of course, no one is mentioning that traditional marriage was created as a means for one man (father) to pass on his ownership of women (daughter) to another man (new husband). Personally, I will be introducing an amendment to make all women and people of color property of the white man so that we can really get back to traditional marriage in the country...hell yes!

I mean, I'm sure this wouldn't just be a political manuveur to try and appease the crazies who are mad with Bush's Supreme Court nominee and are starting to get a little pissed that, for all their crazy voter suppression efforts in 2004, they're not getting much from the republicans. Also, I'm sure it wouldn't be an attempt to take the focus off of Delay (who's quoted in the article), or Frist, or Rove or the other 21 people who could be facing endictments for being corrupt fuckheads.

Also, Barack Obama was talking a wee bit of shit about the Yankees on his podcast. He's so dreamy!

Additionally, fate is a motherfucker.



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