Sunday, October 30, 2005

uh, someone shoot me

Race-baiting pisses me off, but as I was listening to the Broncos game today, I heard a wonderful commercial put out by the Independence Institute (probably the only conservative "think-tank" in colorado that i know anything about). It was about how there are "illegal immigrants" in colorado using our schools, medical care and prisons (of course, this isn't mentioning the fact that most undocumented workers and immigrants don't actually use the health care and many do not put their children in school for fear of being found out...and the only way they're using our prisons is if we're arresting them and keeping them in prison, rather than deportation, but whatever). Apparently, because of this fact, the state can cut money to these things still. really, though, funding in CO is already low (except in prisons), so how is that helping anyone? i don't get it. but that is not the point of why i wrote this.

the woman on the commercial is like "i'm a single mother and victim of crime," which apparently is somehow related to undocumented immigrants. in other words, the implication of the commercial was that the brown people in colorado are the ones committing the crimes here. uh, if undocumented workers were all committing crimes against poor white women, then wouldn't they not be here because they would be in prison, or be deported? i don't get it. also, they claim the state should be spending money on protecting our border. for one, colorado doesn't border mexico or canada and two, that is a job for the federal government. this advertisment was the most muddled peice of shit i've ever heard and still can't believe the implied racism. screw that., vote yes on c and d, damnit.


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