Tuesday, November 15, 2005

holy shit

so, i never actually looked at facebook shit, but they have photo albums now, and you can post every fucking picture in the world and then label people in it.

that's amazing. i'm gonna upload ever picture from the start of college, and embarass everyone one i know *esp those who post bad pictures of me (richard) or who i know longer like (everyone!)*. if i did anything at boulder, it was take a lot of fucking pictures.

also, for some people, a friend from baker my sophomore year posted a camping photo that was taken 5 years ago, now? holy shit. ima post it here and then give a brief summary. actually fuck that, here it is, with no summary. can you guess which one is me? hahaha. i miss my hair!

and then, i'm gonna post some really good pictures i just found of richard...hahaha. i'm gonna get you back, damnit!!!!

but, first, i bought a pack of ciagarettes yesterday for the first time in three months because of what happened. i don't even like smoking anymore unless i'm drunk, which is good. but, because of stress, i have a feeling i'm gonna smoke all these. i promise i won't do it again though!!!

and, i've given up on my novel. i think it helped a little bit in my life, though.

holy shit, i just got stupid mad.


At 8:28 AM, Blogger Kevin said...

hmm... photos you say? Can I interest you in some cash? Maybe drugs? Oh well, it is not as if no one has seen them.


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