Friday, December 16, 2005

day off, sister shopping, crocheting, happy, denver, et. al.

So, I said I was gonna respond to Geoffrey's post, but it's holiday time and I am happy and can't quite channel the rage I need to repsond adequately.

Onto other things...Tomorrow I don't have to go into work because I worked a lot this week. That makes me happy because my sister is home as of tonight, my brother has a half-day, and we can go shop for mom's christmas presents. I also got paid today, which means I'll probably buy myself some christmas presents (bad idea). Yay for the fothy vava being home!

I like crocheting and am getting better at it. woot.

Last night I had to go up to Denver to accept a grant for work. I was all nervous because I wasn't gonna know anyone, but then I saw Dara from CU, who i love and miss, so everything was good and we met up with Carolyn G at Paris on the PLatte and had some delicious things. Dara departed and Carolyn and I went and had really delicious grilled cheese sandwiches and many drinks at this bar by Paris. Carolyn is cool and I miss people at CU a lot. Dara is working at 9 to 5 in Denver, Jeannette is working as an organizer for SEIU, I'm working at a queer youth org, Jessie is working for a queer Latino org. Think of the fun coaltions we could build around the FUCKED UP ballot initiatives coming in November. Or maybe, we could just fuck shit up generally. However, going back up to an organizing space in Denver made me miss it so much. I don't miss the work so much as I miss the people and relationships and fun times. I never realized that before, but now it makes more sense.

I'm in a good mood and going to croceht some more and then I have to find some palce to sleep because my bed is full of stuff from when I moved down from Boudler and all our couches have laundry and christmas stuff on them. boo! :-(


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