Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dogs are the greatest

So, lately, I've been feeling immense love for dogs. I dunno if it's just because mine are so cute, or what.

Anyway, Max and Zero are my dogs and they love each other and cuddle each other and play games with each other. It's so cute.

Schulzki is back teaching at Palmer, but he's no longer the head of the Social Studies department. Talking points and mass letter to come soon (when I'm not tired).

Also, if you're in Colorado Springs, Westborough Baptist Church is coming to picket Palmer AGAIN this Friday. If you're not familiar with Fred Phelps or his church, feel free to check out godhatesfags.com or godhatesamerica.com.

I am gonna be out there with a clever sign.

Some ideas are:
Queers blew up the shuttle (a classic and personal favorite)
A variation of that would be "Queers are killing our soldiers"
You're a fucking idiot, go home
I witnessed Fred Phelps enojying Tom Kelly's small cock up his tight, puckered, asshole.


At 12:43 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

Amazingly the Westborough Baptist Church and I have a lot in common. At least who we hate, but the reason seem to be a bit different. Well, pretty mush exactly oposite actually.
Since they seem to have A LOT in common with Al Queda I say we put the PATRIOT ACT to some good use and ship these fuckers off to Gitmo.


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