Thursday, December 01, 2005

Fuck The Establishment

So, I was only gonna have my one post today, but now I'm fucking pissed.

This article appeared today in the Colorado Springs Independent and talks about how District 11 finally settled the lawsuit against them by the Palmer High School students who weren't allowed to form a Gay-Straight Alliance. Part of the settlement was that the District would allow non-academic clubs to once against exist (things like the GSA and also Mountain Biking club and whatever). So, yes, this is good, but if you thought it was the end of shadiness by Palmer's administration, you would be oh so wrong.

Yesterday, I heard that two teachers were mysteriously suspended with pay. These two teachers at my alma mater happen to be the two teachers that sponsored the now officially sanctioned GSA. So, yesterday, I was ready to cut someone.

But, if you read the last two paragraphs of that article up there, you'll notice that one of the teachers suspended is Mr. Anton Schulski, our wonderful history teacher, who is the head of the department. I'm ready to set some shit on fire now. That's fucking bullshit. I hope the teacher's union rips Palmer a new one.

Anyway, I'm going to be posting form letters up here if you want to write the superintendent or the principal. Also, if you read the article, you'll notice how the administration has been bullying the kids because they chalked on the sidewalk. That's some fucking bullshit!



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