Friday, December 02, 2005

a mostly re-post

so, here's some of the small things that have come together lately.

this is a bulletin i just sent to people.

feel free to read and pass on (it's a repeat). feel free to email me your email if you want to do some letter/email writing and be updated.


go read this article:

and then let me know if you would be willing to add your name to a unified letter of alumni. Jared Seehafer, myself, and a few others are going to draft it and send it to the papers and the school board, superintendent and principal. We're gonna let you see it once it's written, in case you decide you don't want your name on it...but it should be pretty well-reasoned.

Also, if you have the time to send some letters or emails (i'm going to be writring up talking points so it'll be easy to compose and send off), let me know your email addy.

You probably have access to folks I don't who would want to participate as well, so feel free to inform them and have them contact me, or whatever.

I'm kinda trying to coordinate some sort of unified effort so that folks aren't having to put in a ton of effort to duplicate stuff folks are already doing, which is why I tell people to just contact me. But, if you want to keep people updated, that's fine by me. But, if people want to put their name on the massive letter, then i or jared would need to know.

AIM: pearly8067
email:reinsch at gmail dot com


At 9:02 AM, Blogger Jared Seehafer said...

My contact info is
AIM: vortex1269

At 4:05 PM, Blogger Jared Seehafer said...

Laura, you might be interested in this. Make sure you don't have a sick stomach beforehand, because you wil afterword:


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