Tuesday, December 20, 2005

no, really, this shit is ridiculous

ah ha ha ha ha. i can't even be angry at how ridiculous all bush's bullshit is (please, tap my phone line, mr. bush, but you prolly already have).

so, as we all know, bush used the NSA to spy on americans because he thinks he's above the law and thinks he can jusify anything because of the threat of terrorism. he's a fucking asshole and should be removed with all his stupid cronies.

but, now, we see that the pentagon is not just classifying people who happen to be american and muslim as terroists (which is fucked up on so many levels), but college students who hold kiss-ins to protest the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy and military recruitment on their campus. oh do, click here to read the whole thing and get irate.

what the fuck? this fucking administration is crazy! crazy!!!!! in fact, i bet that means my friends at UC-santa cruz (one of the supposed terrorist campuses). they'd be just the type to go be in a kiss-in, mainly to make out with people, though...hehe.

on a serious note, though, this is ridiculous. Just because one doesn't agree with the policies of the government or pentagon does not mean they are a terrorist or in a terrorist organization. in fact, i feel like the government has more tabs on non-terrorists than real terrorist orgs in this country like the white-supremacist movement and others. fucking goddamnit. (start sarcasm)omfg! i'm gonna kiss another girl in a large public space to protest fucked up policies...i'm a fucking threat to the security of everyone in the US!!(end sarcasm)

eat a bag of dicks, mr. president (but don't do it in public, you might be classified as a terrorist)


At 9:21 AM, Blogger Kevin said...

I am not going to blame Bush for the NSA spying shit... becuase as far as I can tell what he is doing is within the law. Who should be blamed is our congress men and women who allowed it to become legal after 9/11.


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