Sunday, January 29, 2006

Senator Salazar is wavering on whether or not to vote against cloture (the motion to force a vote on Alito). He has already stated he will vote against Alito, but voting for cloture is basically voting for Alito because there are enough votes to put him on the court. However, he has been getting a great response from people urging him to vote against the cloture motion. You can call up his office, email him on his web form, or fax him in a creative way, which will be explained below.

Salazar's webform is at (copy and paste)

His phone number in DC is: (202) 224-5852

And, if you access to a fax machine, or a kinkos and a little cash, we're faxing in pages of phone books or dictionaries, as this is a tactic that is often used to filibuster (most notably against the civil rights act of 1965, but that's a whole other issue). Or, if you're a West Wing nut, you can fax in pages from recipe books, or charles dicken's novels. One page will be fine. You should include on it that it is material to help Salazar filibuster. It's not too annoying and it's rather creative. Also, you can strategically choose which pages to send in (like the phonebook listings for salazar, or dictionary page with the definition of integrity higlighted). I'm personally going to fax in the last page of the chapter "Lighting Struck Tower" from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. hehe.

The fax number is (202) 228-5036.


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