Wednesday, February 22, 2006

this post is going to be full of interesting links and other things i want to say. i suppose i'll do it in the bullet point fashion, but i forgot the html, so i have to go look it up real quick. in other words, all those somewhat intriuging things i've seen recently will be listed below for your perusal and enjoyment. word.

  • South Dakota women might as well die for fucking. See, the great thing is that the state legislature of South Dakota has passed a bill outlawing all abortions. "Lot's of states do this, what makes this different?" you ask. Well, this bill does not allow for an abortion on account of the health of the mother. Of course, there is no exception for incest and/or rape either. As Amanda rightly states, the crazy ass fundies (and even Specter and Lieberman who aren't as crazy, but still stupid bastards) view womyn as merely vessels to carry babies to term and if they die from giving birth, then the more fondly we can remember them as noble martyrs for the anti-choice movement.
  • So, that tiny clump of cells in your uterus are far more important than your health or life, and if you were raped and got pregnant from it, you will be forced to carry the child of your rapist for 9 months and then bring it into the world.

    Also, of course, if you find out that the fetus will not live outside the womb, or is already dead in the womb, you will be forced to give birth, even though the risk of dying is higher when you give birth as opposed to when you have an abortion. So, I'll probably post more about this issue in the future.

  • The Supreme Court granted cert on the "Partial-Birth" abortion ban that Congress passed in 2003. Now, what is interesting about this is that it ties to the other abortion issues above because the ban does not include the mother's health as a factor in terminating the pregnancy. Congress claims that it does not have to consider the health of the mother when writing abortion legislation. With the new, far more conservative court, it will be interesting to know the outcome of this.
  • When i was in DC in 2003, we went to visit the Senate, and this was the bill that was being debated at the time. Bill Frist was using a common fallacy, the appeal to emotion, to argue his point, by describing the precedure of a late term abortion. Additionally, Hillary Clinton (who I believe is a moderate sell-out, but still like to an extent), was makign the point that it is not the job of the congress to legislate womyn's health and that womyn's medical decisions should be made by themselves with the aid of their physician.

    The crazy truthiness that the so-called Partial-Birth Abortion is rarely perfomed, and when it is, it is almost always because the fetus is dead/will not live outside the womb, the mother's health or life is at stake, or some other extenuating circumstance. Womyn aren't just rushing to their doctors demanding late-term abortions, but whatever.

  • Dick Cheney shot a man in the face.
  • And finally, I had a grant presentation on Monday, and we ended up getting money, so I'm not a total failure! wooo!


At 11:08 AM, Blogger Jeffrey said...

yes yes, i see.. i'd give that a non-zero chance

At 12:20 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

You forgot to mention that the man Cheney shot in the face apologized to Cheney for getting shot in the face!


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