Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Do white people love mayonnaise more than they love white supremacy?

Jessie says white people love mayonnaise. He gets this from me, because I love mayonnaise. However, my brother and sister both think mayonnaise is disgusting. My mom likes mayonnaise. We are all white. So, here is the poll to test Jessie's hypothesis.

Please note that you are to self-identify in this poll, so if you identify as white, you classify yourself as such, etc. Also, if you feel that the poll does not define you, you may hit "none of these" and explain in the comments. Feel free to explain your love or hate or indiffence towards mayonnaise in the comments as well.

If i get at least 2000 people to vote, then, i'll have an actual real sample size and will be able to draw some true conclusions (at least, that's what i learned in IB statistics because I had to study margins of error). I'm linking this to my myspace blog so that people can't vote three times if I put it on all three of my blogs. so, clicky to learn the truth about mayonnaise lovers.

Click to give your opinion on mayonnaise


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